Feline Vet Referrals and Consultancy Service


Feline Vet Referrals and Consultancy Service

Welcome to Feline Vet Referrals, a visiting feline medicine referral and consultancy service for veterinary surgeons in South East England.

Feline cases can be an extremely challenging aspect of our daily workload, especially those that resist a predictable outcome!

I'm excited to offer a visiting referral service for veterinary colleagues, their patients & clients. Traveling long distances with an ill cat, for referral advice... can be stressful! I therefore offer a friendly, approachable, and accessible visiting service from designated sites in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, and SW & SE London. 

Depending on the case, consultation times may vary anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes. Initially, this time will allow the cat to become relaxed and accustomed to its new surroundings. With this approach, even the feistiest of cats will grant permission for a more compliant examination!

This time will also allow me to assess the entire clinical history, response to previous treatments, and to perform a thorough clinical examination. This 'cat friendly' approach has been adopted, from the International Society of Feline Medicine and Feline Advisory Bureau (ISFM/FAB), with the aim to create a calmer environment for both the patient and client.  The client is encouraged to ask questions, understand the differential diagnoses, and to discuss potential investigations, including pros/cons and costs involved with each investigation/treatment option. The client will also have a discharge appointment to discuss clinical findings and to help formulate a cat friendly treatment plan, unique to each patient. 

A detailed report will be sent promptly to the referring veterinary surgeon, and case progress will be monitored during future re-examination consultations.  

All cases can be seen within seven days of enquiry and urgent cases at short notice.  I am uniquely able to offer video enabled gastroduodenoscopy, bronchoscopy, flexible and rigid rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, otoendoscopy, and laparoscopic ('key hole') surgery. These techniques can greatly aid in diagnosing various gastrointestinal, lower and upper respiratory, urinary, ear diseases and allow for minimally invasive abdominal exploration and biopsy collection.

The field of feline medicine & surgery is constantly aiming for improved understanding, improved recognition and improved treatment of new or emerging diseases within the feline species.  Exciting and innovative minimally invasive diagnostic techniques have also been explored and integrated into diagnostic investigations which allows for a quicker recovery period in our feline patients.

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Medical Cases

Feline VetPatient using the 'Aerokat' MDI system to treat his allergic airway disease.
Feline VetPlantigrade stance resulting from polyneuropathy due to uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.
Feline VetUse of CT scanner in cat with chronic nasal discharge prior to rhinoscopy
Feline VetAnterior chamber uveitis in Maine Coon cat diagnosed with 'dry' FIP
Feline VetHorner's syndrome due to middle ear disease
Feline VetImage of skin hyperfragility in a cat with diagnosed Feline Cushings Disease due to pituitary tumour.
Feline VetCat suffering from chronic gingivostomatitis (CGS).
Feline VetPemphigus foliaceous resulting in extensive skin erosions mainly affecting the ear tips
Feline VetClassic 'button lip' in cat with eosinophilic granuloma complex
Feline VetEosinophilic granuloma affecting palatoglossal arch and base of tongue
Feline VetSevere juvenile periodontitis in 1yo Maine Coon
Feline VetImage of Feline Dysautonomia (Key Gaskell Syndrome) with bilateral protrusion of third eyelids, absent tear production and dry crusting nose.

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